We are very lucky in Brunswick to have a wonderful farmer's market on our downtown green every Tuesday and Friday throughout the summer.

I look forward to going each week.   It is just so nice to walk around and look at all the beautiful stands filled with vegetables, fruits and berries.   There are flowers, herbs, plants and local honey.   The farmer's are friendly and the mood is happy.  I love buying produce that is locally grown.

Speaking of fruits and berries and farms.  This is the second summer where both my boys are strawberry picking to earn a little extra money.   They have to wake up and be to the fields by 6am.   This is challenging for two teenage boys!!   When I pick them up after a few hours they are dirty and smell like fermented strawberries.  Some days I am lucky and they bring me home a quart.   It is a wonderful first job, usually lasts just a few weeks. Fresh air every morning and getting some experience at a local farm.  Sometimes when they finish picking the berry quota for the day they move on to peas.


Well these necklaces that you see are inspired by the variety of yummy, healthy fruits and veggies.   The colors, textures, and shapes come in such an array.   Really beautiful when you think about it.   A rainbow of color!

I admire our local farmers who work so hard to grow these wonderful fruits of the earth.   Let's support our local farmers.   Remember to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day!!