Wow, school is about to start again!  Having spent the summer with many of my teacher friends and fellow bloggers, I have been in many discussions about the value of children expressing themselves through story telling with imagination and creativity.  I dug into my licensing portfolio and put together a little story starter set for story telling from the Cosmic Cafe using alien creatures and planets created with clay.


The first step for me is always to gather my resources and my inspiration.


I used Premo Sculpey Accents for this project but would use Bake Shop if I were actually having kiddos make the creatures.  I hand molded all of the little pieces and used a few toothpick sections to hold eyes in better.


I baked them following the directions in the packaging then took them outside to play.  Think of all the stories that could be told about these little guys and their worlds.


Who are they?  Where do they live?  Have they been to Earth?  Are they a family or friends?  What language do they speak?  What do they eat?


To add a little extra fun for yourself, your own children or your students; here is a FREE printable that you can use with this project.  You can download it here!



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