My favorite words when a Sculpey RFP for a project comes are "can you make it different and/or edgy?"  Yeah Baby! That's right up my crafting alley. But when the RFP for this urgent project for Michaels came and they wanted "different" and "mixed media" on one of these plastic pumpkins, I have to confess that my eyebrows did that thing that they used to do when the boys were little and asked to do something outrageous (you know, it's an expression that is kind of a combination of outrage, laughter, and good old-fashioned "mom stink eye"!) What could I do that didn't have to be baked on the pumpkin, but still formed to the rounded shape?

But by the time I was walking into my local Michaels I already had Plans A and B solid in my head and was working on Plan C.  I tend to do designs in threes (don't think my science fiction fandom has anything to do with it? I'll get back to you after I polish my Star Trek badges..) I have to say, I liked Plan A so much that I never did get around to Plans B and C this time!

When I sent a quick photo to my brother (who cheers me on), I had titled the text Steampunk Pumpkin.  I only got one word back, "steampumpkin!") He always had great names for my designs (the best was "Caged Envy" for a green beaded bracelet..)