Mosaic can be created with a variety of matierials.  For a home decor piece I chose to use Premo Sculpey in a variety of colors that fit with my colors.  You could chose colors to match your home decor.  premo sculpey mosaic frame

While I am pulling out older projects I thought I would share some jewelry pieces with you too.  Jewelry is a great way to expresss your personal style and to kick up a simple outfit up a notch.

Ice Resin and sculpey polymer clay pendant

This pieces was stamped and coated with Ice Resin and hung on sari silk remnants.  Deep Rich colors in the silk and in the pendant really stand out when worn on a solid color.

Personalized pendant

This personalized pendant was also stamped, inked and coated with Amazing Casting Resin.  I love the black, white and green color combination.

Floral Stamped Polymer Clay Pendant

This pendant was made by stamping an image in the clay.  Highlighting the image with Smooch Ink and coating it with resin.

Stamping in clay can create many fabulous looks.  You can use the Texture Sheets made by Sculpey or stamps of any sort.