Or coming, or passed, depending on where you live. This is such an exciting time of year as the flowers come up and bloom. The air starts to warm and I am motivated to move outside, sketch and make art. It’s also a time when we tend to clean. Use those motivations to tidy up your art work space. Get rid of art supplies that you no longer use or need. Schools and other non-profits can always use good supplies. By cleaning and purging the materials you don’t use, you free up space physically and mentally. New ideas and materials will come in to your life for you to bring forth your creative ideas.


Fresh Sculpting Ideas for the New Season

If you are opposed to giving up art materials that you don’t use, then assign yourself a project to use up what you have. I like to do this occasionally as it challenges me to think outside of what ever box I have myself stuck into at the time.


On the topic of creative ideas, if one lands on you- run with it. The idea has chosen you to bring it to life. Honor your ideas as they want to live and you are there to make it happen.


Have fun and be creative today!