Celebrate warmer days by making cute food miniatures inspired by signs of fresh new life.

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Make sure you make plenty of painted Easter eggs (with just using scrap clay - you will get amazing effects) and prepare chocolate bunnies made from Premo Burnt Umber clay. Just make sure you gloss it with a semi-matte finishing to make it look like real chocolate.

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To make this Cookie Bee Hive tower, mix Sculpey Ultralight (with a bit of yellow tinge) with some translucent clay. Roll it into a thick sheet (setting 1) and cut out some circles in different sizes. You do not have to texturize it because the best thing about Ultralight clay is that it looks naturally light and fluffy. Glaze with a smooth mixture of Translucent Liquid Sculpey and sunshine yellow clay.

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Projects With Sculpey Souffle and Translucent Liquid

To make petit fours that looks like the real thing, you will need to 'ice' it using a very smooth mixture of pastel clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey. It can be tricky so just make sure there isn't any air bubbles before you cure by doing it very slowly with a toothpick.

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Sculpey Soufflé is my favorite clay to make miniature cake decoration! It has a suede and matte finish after it is cured which makes it look like real sugar paste that people use to decorate real cakes! Use it as the cake filling as well. As usual, the cake layer is also made using Sculpey Ultralight.

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These Easter Egg dioramas will make the perfect centerpiece to any Easter Sunday table. Use pearl infused clay to make it look like sparkly sugar! I used pearl clay for the inside wall of the egg. You can even turn them into cute pendants for Spring-themed jewelry.

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It's easy to make Spring cookies on a stick using Premo! Sculpey Mini Metal Cutters Nature set. Textureize the cookie with a toothbrush before painting it using a mix of clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey. It takes a lot of practice to decorate and draw on a very small surface so use a needle as your pen/paintbrush. Use pastel clay to make plenty of miniature mini eggs to complement all Easter miniature projects.


Happy Easter!