Literally and figuratively speaking.

This morning I was smelling something “electric” (if you ever did, you know what I mean!) near my work desk. I unplugged all my computer gear and tried to located where that smell came from. This really worried me since I know how quickly things can start burning (but that´s another story!). This was not really the first thing I wanted to do today, but I am very glad I did!
I had to remove quite a bit of stuff to reach one of my sockets. Including a chest of drawers. And then I saw what had happened: a dust bunny was snugly sitting on top of one of my sockets. One of my tiny punches had dropped behind the mentioned chest of drawers and I has not able to reach it without removing all the stuff in front of it! This punch was on top of the dust bunny and it got really hot sitting there! It already started smouldering! Of course I removed the socket at once, just in time! Glad I did take that extra effort today!
Please check the electricity in your studio/craft room on a regular base and stay save! You don't want to burn down the house, do you?
Be careful in your studio!