So, I was mucking out my studio a couple of days ago and accidentally stepped on a cutter and bent it slightly.  Once I got everything back in order, I came across the wounded cutter and thought about trying to reshape it back to it's original circle.  Then I had another idea.  I grabbed my pliers and bent it even more!  Then I got out the "spare" set of my Sculpey Nested Cutters that this cutter had belonged to and did the same thing!  Some people think that this should be illegal.

cutters bentBut 2 #1 layers of clay with a #1 layer of Mokume Gane on top with a sheet of candy/deli paper on top works just great with these "new" cutters.  I just press the cutter FIRMLY through the paper and the clay to create organically shaped cabochons..

cutters bent 2And because I know many of you will ask, here is the pliers I used to do this. I only bend the cutting edge of the cutter, not the top edge.  You may need to use a craft knife to free spots that don't cut all the way through anymore. (But only my large cutter has this issue, rest are fine).

So you wanna break ""the Cutter Law today??