A friend just texted me, "I know you are probably at your clay table - what are you working on?"  So I thought I would share..

today1First, here is a little Zentangle I drew that I transferred to Souffle and Premo and baked on the hollow dome.  I think that the little ones will become a bracelet eventually this weekend.  While those were baking, I took a moment to admire my new painting station in my newly cleaned workroom. As you can see, I'm not fancy at ALL...today2

Then since I was in transfer mode, I thought I would try out the transfers I just created for my classes in Santa Fe next weekend. (I"m teaching Thursday/Friday July 17/18 in Santa Fe if you are in the area!) Anyway, this is a photo that I converted to a line drawing, transferred to the clay and then colored with alcohol pens. I'm not good with the pens, but I have fun!

today 3So how exactly do I convert a photo to a line drawing?  Well, I dug into my 40+ page Word doc of Photoshop notes (all indexed thanks to my brother!) for you:

          Pencil Sketch

  • Change mode to B/W
  • Duplicate layer (drag layer down to icon second from right at bottom right of Photoshop window)
  • Invert the dup layer (image>adjustment<invert) Then change the layers blending mode to color dodge (this is in the layer palette right under where it says layers)
  • Run a gaussian blur (filter>blur>gaussian) and you’ll see pencil sketch emerge, adjust blur for image
  • You can also adjust the strength of the lines using Levels (Ctrl+L or Cmd+L).  Adjust the left hand carot (triangle) to the right to make the blacks stronger
  • You can add color back in by using the history brush