Whether you’re new to polymer clay or you’ve been sculpting for years, there is always something new to learn. Whether it’s a new technique to make your art look even better or a tip to get a job done more quickly, the world of Sculpey is endless.

I am going to share some of my favorite tips that I use regularly!

All of my sculptures are made using the Super Sculpey line and my favorite accessory products are Oven Bake Adhesive (formerly called Bake n Bond) and Clay Softener & Thinner. (Both of these products are found under "Mediums" on the Sculpey.com website.)

The OBCA is great for attaching parts of a sculpture that you want to be extra strong and reinforced. I brush this on with a dedicated paint brush and remove any excess after connecting the pieces. This is also great when attaching clay to wire armature. Add the adhesive to the wire before attaching the clay and it will stick much easier. This trick can be used instead of wire armature and, in my experience, can be even more effective.

If you are looking to create super smooth areas of a sculpture, I like to use OBCA in combination with Clay Softener. Just simply add the adhesive to the surface of the area you want smooth, and then add a few drops of clay softener and mix the two together on the surface until you have a nice, even texture. The adhesive properties of the OBCA also reinforce your sculpture. This can also be done with Translucent Liquid Sculpey which has a much lower viscosity allowing it to spread faster.

Brushing on clay softener alone is a phenomenal way to remove surface fingerprints. The softener contains a bit of thinner so it breaks down the surface of the uncured clay slightly to remove just enough to give you a beautiful smooth, professional finish.

Next, let’s talk options for attaching pieces to cured clay. If you experience breakage, you may be inclined to reach for your hot glue so you can piece everything back together and call it a day. While I wish this would work, it doesn’t. Hot glue will not adhere to polymer clay. I like to use e6000 industrial adhesive. Like the name suggests, this stuff is super strong and once you create a bond with it, it’s not going anywhere. This is my go-to for emergencies or even assembling pieces post baking.

These are some of my favorite tips when working with polymer clay. I use them almost on every project and stand by their effectiveness!

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