Sculpey Soufflé-The Chameleon of Clay

Right off the bat I’ll admit it. Thoughts of polymer clay and its particular properties dominate way too many of my waking hours. Here’s my rationale, though: I could be worrying about lots of other stuff I can’t control, like climate change, cybercrime, and the catastrophic caloric content of Pop Tarts; but instead, I choose to dwell in a dreamy fog of art and beauty, something I can control. Nice spin, right?
So, now that my altruistic motives are established, let us set aside life’s troubling issues and talk about millefiore caning with Sculpey Souffle.
Besides the inspired colors offered, the first thing you notice is the velvety texture. I love the smoothness and it doesn’t feel greasy or stain up my hands. It’s firm but not hard, so it never crumbles when you snap off that first quarter pack. Nice. When you close your palm around it, it warms quickly and can be easily rolled into a log or flattened into a sheet; so conditioning is lightening quick. But the best thing about Souffle, for me, is its suitability to caning. When I reduce my Souffle canes, there is almost ZERO waste. Its malleable texture allows the patterns to move end to end without distortion. Then the real chameleon kicks in; because if I rest my cane for a brief half hour, the Souffle becomes firm again. Ahhh, delightful!

Let me know how you like caning with Souffle by sending pix and messages to my personal email. It’s [email protected]. Don’t worry, I never get tired of talking about clay. ;-)