Sculpey polymer clay is a fabulous medium to use in jewelry making. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it makes the perfect reason to give someone you love a piece of jewelry. Now, who would not love a piece of handmade jewelry? The first piece I want to show you today is a technique called Faux Sugar Beads. They are the polymer clay version of blown glass sugar beads. These pieces and directions were created for Crafts N Things magazine. If you would like to view the directions please go to their website

The heart pendant and bracelet are crafted with one of my favorite techniques and my favorite color. The technique is called Mokume Gane and my favorite color is aqua. A tie for second is turquoise and peacock blue. I love Mokume Gane since you can create so many cool looks with the same technique. No two pieces are alike and it is also a great way to work in unique color combinations. You will have to check back on the blog this month for my Mokume Gane tutorial.

Recently, I discovered Push Molds and for this piece I used the Flowers and Leaves Push Mold. Let me tell you it was fantastic. I dusted the molds with cornstarch and made my first petal. It came out perfect. I was hooked. I created all day long. I made every combination of flowers I could think of. The pin is my version of a lily. The directions are available from Crafts N Things magazine.

I hope you have enjoyed my Valentine’s Day jewelry inspirations created from Sculpey Polymer clay. Create a piece of jewelry for someone this Valentine’s Day and share the love.