When you work with clay, you have endless possibilities in the types of pieces you can create. Your only limit in this unique craft is your imagination! When you use Sculpey® clay and our specialized tools, you can make just about anything.

If you're looking for unique new ideas for Sculpey® clay, try making clay horns! From fun headbands to useful trinkets for your home, you can make polymer clay horns for yourself or give to others as gifts.

Benefits of Polymer Clay

Compared to other types of clay out there, polymer clay has several advantages.

First, you don't need a professional-grade kiln to bake your projects — all you need is a home oven or a toaster oven. When you finish sculpting, you can conveniently place your project in your home oven, then get right back to adding the finishing touches.

Another benefit of polymer clay is that it won't dry out like other types. You can leave it out and the clay will maintain its consistency. If you have kids who forget to put things away, this is a great crafting match for them! You can also walk away from a project if you need a break and come back later, picking up right where you left off.

Compared to other types of clay, polymer clay is much more natural to work with. Professional clayers know the toughness and rigidity of hardened, earthen clay. Polymer clay is the perfect pliable choice for everyone, including beginners.

How to Make Horns out of Clay

You can make different types of horns with our amazing Sculpey® polymer clay. From the long, thin tusk of a narwhal to the magical and mystical horn of a unicorn, you can use clay to sculpt the exact shape you want.

Along with your clay and some simple baking tools, you only need a few other items to sculpt this piece. Two toothpicks and some cord, like satin or ribbon, should be all the prep you need.

First, break off your piece of clay and work it until it becomes warm and easy to manipulate. Roll the clay into an evenly shaped ball and then roll it out into a short cylinder. Then, begin elongating one end of the cylinder while keeping the other end the same size.

Once the horn is the shape that you want, you can add some texture before you bake it. When it's in the oven, depending on how thin the tip of the horn is or how big around it is, you may need to bake the clay with something that will support it to keep its shape.

After the horn comes out of the oven, you can leave it as is or continue decorating it with paint or other features!

Project Ideas for Making Sculpey® Horns

If you find yourself making the same types of clay projects, you may be looking for a way to get out of the box. Making horns is a great way to do that!

Whether you want to make them for a Halloween costume, stage production or fantasy-related event, there are lots of different reasons and occasions for making horns out of polymer clay.

You can find lots of different projects right here on our website. This adorable Narwhal Cell Phone Holder makes both a functional piece and a unique decoration in your home to keep track of your cell phone when you're not using it. You can also personalize unicorn headbands for a kids' birthday party — or to wear during playtime with your kids!

To get started on your next Sculpey project, check out our great variety of polymer clay and tools to make your finished piece come out the way you imagine.