When I  heard about the Sculpey Clay Decals, my first thought was, "Intriguing, but why do I need them?" Now I need to clarify something - my first thoughts are most often proved wrong - by myself.  Yep, I have used these little guys so many times lately, I can see that soon I will wonder how I got along without them.

Log finalLet me explain- When I are building a new design, I often look for ways to build in textures and details to the simple shapes. Sure items like transfers and stamps help with this process, fairy house 2but now, so do these decals, For instance, when I was building the fairy house featured recently on Whats New Wednesday (https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/souffle-fairy-garden-house/) I wanted something to add more detail to the door (besides texture).  I realized that I could use one of the decals to create a faux stained glass entry window in the door. It seemed like I had it completed in seconds!  When I made more of these fairy houses for my friends and family, everyone had a different color of clay in the window behind the decal.



seasideSince I always do things I like in 3s, I have two more modified fairy gardens.  This next one is a beach motif (not a stretch here since the real beach is 153 steps from my house!)  I found the jaunty little beach chair at my local garden shop and I just glued a paper umbrella to it. (No decent, self-respecting beach dweller doesn't have paper umbrellas in their bar cabinets!)  I created the faux bamboo pieces and glued that baked pieces to the plastic container holding the little live palm.  I used an image of the flipflops to trace and create the sandals. The little book still doesn't have a title, since I'm waiting to see what will be my favorite book this summer (the Paper Magician is in the lead right now). The table is made with a base of scrap clay, wrapped with burlap after baking.  The tabletop looked a little plain, so I quickly added some detail with a Clay Decal in a motif that integrated with the burlap!fairy house 1  It's just a small detail that adds to the whole visual picture!  The sand is from the beach of course and the kitten has added some paw prints as well! (I have a "relax" theme going around my house, since I seem to be running from one project to another!)




fairy house 3One more thing - what to do with the bits of the Clay Decal you trim away from your original project?  Use them!  They are great to add to other pieces, like these pendants! I even textured over the decals with no problem in the top pendant! I'm going to be wearing that gold pendant a lot this Summer!