Tip #1: When you're done using the Sculpey Clay Extruder, take the plunger out, unscrew the disk holder and remove the disk. Now bake all the pieces for 15 minutes; allow to cool and peel off the baked clay. So much easier than trying to clean raw clay out of the barrel!


Tip #2: Make your extruder into a super-tool with a simple homemade clay-pusher. All you need are two pieces of 2"x4", about 18" long, a metal hinge, screws, and a hole saw that makes 1" holes.




Drill one or two 1" holes about 2"-4" from the end of one board. My DH also used a router (the wood kind, not the computer kind) to drill out little shapes to fit the plunger head, but that's not a necessity.



Install the hinge on the other end. If desired, you can staple some fabric on the boards as my DH did, so I wouldn't get splinters and the boards wouldn't mar my work surface. (Very thoughtful, no?)



Assemble extruder with disk. Put clay in the clay gun (no more than 2/3 full). Place extruder, plunger side down, through hole in board. Push down on the end of the board and easily extrude your clay!