Wowza, where did the summertime go?  It’s crazy to believe but it is already time to be thinking about getting ready to go back to school.  In our house that means we are organizing and shopping for supplies first because we LOVE that part best.  We also love to take our new teachers fun things on the special “meet your teacher” day.  We even take things to our teachers from years gone by.  This is what we are doing this year…

BTS Sculpey Jars

We recycled jars from summer cooking projects and turned them into adorable supply containers to make our workspace (and our teachers’) organized and cheery.  We use pencils more than any other supply around here.


I used my portfolio collections that have school designs for inspiration.  You can too or you can use your imagination.


The first step is to create your little clay cuteness with Sculpey clay.  I hand molded each little one.


Then I used the tool for putting a hole through a few of them so I could wire them once they were baked.


After they came out of the oven (following the directions for baking them on the packaging of course), I let them cool then added them with wire to the jars.  I also added a few with Aleene’s Max Tacky to ribbon for some.  I like this adhesive because it dries fast and clear without damaging the clay.



Then we will filled them up and updated our homework station.  Ta Da!


If you get excited about back to school too, here are a couple of fun printable that you can download free and use with your supplies that you are storing in your jars.  To download the word search click here and to download the questionairre click here.

BTS Printable