These colorful little stud earrings are easy to make, and fun to wear!  The design possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination! Try some of the foil ones at the top, use any small stamps to impress a design on the foil, or maybe a slice of an old cane, add a coat of resin, and Wha-la, the perfect sparkle for your ears.


This is a great project to try with kids, it's easy and fun, and requires only a few supplies: Premo clay, earring backs, and glitter.  They enjoy week-end craft projects like this, especially when it involves working with glitter!  I use my Mini Metal Cutters to cut out different shapes, they are just the right size for stud earrings. Try some of the new micro holographic glitters, and let them dream up something special.  These make great gifts for teachers, birthday parties, or even for school fund raisers!


Make your own unique Earring Cards with these handy gizmos.  One will punch out the tag shape using card stock.  The smaller one punches holes for studs or dangle earrings. Stamp a pretty design on the card, or add your shop name and initials. Makes a special handmade gift for friends and family!