Premo Penguin debuts on TV!


Have you heard of Bubble Gum necklaces? I hadn't until my niece (a teacher) saw some of her young students wearing them to class. They are chunky beaded necklaces for baby girls-up through adults really-that are adorable! They aren't hard to make and many are showing up with polymer clay focal pendants and accent beads. The name refers to the chunky beads that resemle colorful fun is that!


I had the opportunity Monday morning to do a TV demo on how to make them which included this animated penguin. The great thing about this little guy is that you can use Sculpey's graduated cutters to create him! The TV demo as well as full step-by-step instructions and many inspiration neclace ideas are on my website at:

The round beads are acrylic to keep the neckaces lightlweight for little ones and there is even fake snow on his hat called Deco Den. Many are showing up as props for professional children's photographs as it looks kinda like little girls has tried on her mommy's pearl necklace.