Is it too much to ask?  No apparently not!

By now you have heard about the new Sculpey tools.  Today I'm addressing a little *something* that is pretty magical about them - Practicality.


tools1 The Nested Circle Cutters were sized to contain a cutter that fits the 12 round patterns in the Silk Screen kit perfectly.


The Nested Circle Cutters were also sized to fit the Hollow Bead Maker perfectly in all it's sizes.tools3


And, the Nested Circle Cutters also fit the round bezel mold! Yep, a #1 layer on the Sculpey machine just fits and fills the three circle bezels! The teardrop cutter works pretty well with the teardrop bezel too!


This all makes me a happy clayer!  I'm also thrilled about the fact that all the cutter sets have a visible overlap at the top of the cutter, but the "business end" is quite smooth.  They are also thin and cut without stretching my patterns.

Tools that work together - imagine that!  No, on second thought, don't imagine it - try it! LOL