There is a plethora of things out there that can be made out of polymer clay, and it seems that when you least expect it inspiration strikes.  A few weeks back I went into a shop specializing in home décor with a friend.  She headed for the candle section and I followed her. While she was stocking up on her favorite fragrance I was checking out the scented oil & reed diffuser selection.  I went around the corner to look at some other things when I came across a jar displaying packages of the reed diffusers that had been decorated with a small silk flower glued to the top.  I looked at them and had one of those crazy “A-HA!” moments.  Basically the diffusers are those bamboo skewers you use for kebobs so I thought you could add polymer clay details to the tops to make your own decorative diffusers.  You could make them with snowflakes on top for winter, flowers for spring, or holiday themed.  The possibilities are limitless.  I got home and pulled out the bamboo skewers and made a quick one up using some clay I had laying out from my last project.  Pretty cool stuff…..