A snowman is the cutest symbol of winter.  My kids and I started plaing with clay the other day and we decided to get a head start on our Christmas.  They decided they would make each of their cousins a snowman.  So the claying began.  My three year old is fascinated by the clay machine and my son loves Mokume Gane.  We ended up doing a small slab for use at a later time.

The picture below is of a melted Frostie the snowman.  My 10 year old wanted him to look like he was melting so we mixed together white with translucent to create the melted effect.

The next snowman is the one I created using the letter molds.

Then the last but not least is the snowman head from my 3 year old.  She is great with a cookie cutter

I added the details after she made them and she added the rosy cheeks.

Take some time and craft with your kids.  Their snowmen will be as different as they are.

Frostie the melted snowman

Ho ho ho Snowman