I've been busy this summer creating my Ring Dishes. I started making them last year around this time. They range from the simplest designs, to complex Millefiori patterns, Silk-screens, and Liquid Clay glazes. I love to experiment with color and texture, as shown in my applied "Daisy's" Dish, and my "Butterflies are Free" dish.


This Ring Dish was inspired a Lily Pulitzer fabric, that caught my eye.  I'm always on the look-out for color palettes, and patterns that I can use in my little jewelry dishes. I used a free form, impressionist, style when creating this dish.


This is my "Woodland" ring dish, inspired by my love of nature and the color green. I created this dish for Father's Day, so Dad's would have a place to store their spare change and keys.

I hope that I inspired you to make something new and different, that you've never tried before!