I looked at last week's mix scraps from the Moroccan red/orange group and I couldn't just let them sit there.
NCT moroccan earrings sm I really liked this soft purple color that was mixed- it reminds me of Turnip in Souffle (actually, it COULD be Turnip, since it's in the scrap heap!).  I got these great earring findings at the Pasadena Bead Show last weekend that have a Moroccan look to them.  I didn't have enough of the color do to a whole silkscreen, but I only needed two little pieces.  Who says we have to use the whole screen?  This individual design from the Sculpey silkscreen was just the perfect size to fit the earring!  I had the purple and gold beads on hand (thank goodness, since I spent a small fortune at the bead show last weekend!)  If you want to temptindulge yourself, check out the website for CathyJ - www.filigreeandme.com.








NCT Moroccan smNow this is REALLY made from the luscious scraps from last week!  It's a Mokume Gane, washed with the gold paint from the Sculpey silkscreen set (I hadn't cleaned the table from the earrings OBVIOUSLY).  It's got a Jan Montarse "Easy Bail" on the back and it's strung on one of those crazy tungsten mesh neckpieces that you can pull into all different designs (again with the bead show stuff).