Last week we took a good look at plants and several of their features and what our flora and fauna friends have to offer. This week we'll look at a few fun and funky ways to dress them up and use them as decorations in our gardens, planters, and even in our homes.

Plants & Planters:

There's few things that are as fun than sculpting little whimsical trinkets and fun bits to add directly into your pots and containers! From my favorite flowered headpins, to little plant pokeys, and little sculpted birds or my favorite this tutorial from Christi Friesen! The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding simple little decorations to your planters, especially your indoor planters.

If you're in the mood to create some plants, try these Faux Succulents, this Flower Shaped Trinket Dish, Leafy Plant,


What about your flowers? Do you want to mimic flowers, create your own flowers, or just add a flower to a green plant? Flowers are fantastic because with millefiori caning you can create a huge variety of flowers to add to any green plant to jazz it up a little!
Flowers inspired by the talented Carol Simmons and Marie Segal are always a crowd pleaser and favorite. But you can go far simpler too; these sculpted faces in silk flowers are a surprising and fun addition to every plant [Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club Member's Project for June]!

Fairy Gardens:

Fairy garden additions have taken the world by storm! Fairy gardens are fun and easy to add to over time, change with the seasons, and are fun to keep on your porch or near your front door, especially if you have children. With fun projects like this Pixie Forest, to this Hobbit House, Fairy Table Set, Faux Wooden Fairy House, Making an Entire Fairy Garden from Clay, Enchanted Fairy Door, and Mini Fairy House. Be sure to browse through these fun projects, you're sure to find something that you'll just love!


With all that work you're doing for plants, planters, flowers, and more ... why not let that love shine forth to your garden? Polymer Clay is actually a very durable material that will last many years as long as you don't add any sealers or paints to the clay itself. Just use the clay as it is. Add all your "colors" with clay. Don't add mica's, chalks, or paints and DO NOT seal your clay. Your items will hold up beautifully outside. Here's a few projects you might try to beautify your gardenscapes: Flower Bird Feeder, Toadally Cute Garden Critter, Herb Pot Garden Set, Premo Fairy Stepping Stone, and even these cute Garden Plant Stakes.

And if you're REALLY in the mood to get into the plant world fun, don't miss the Flora book from Christi Friesen.

Thanks for joining me today!