Part of my job is to "break" new stuff. I threw everything I had at Souffle - transfer, silkscreen, pencil, ink, caning, molding, color mixing - it not only worked- it surpassed what I thought it *could* do if it worked!

So here are some photos of the MANY things I waved at you in my Facebook Live for Sculpey: First up - faux leather - Well why not? Souffle looks like leather, feels like leather and can be enhanced with textures and extrusion to look like tooled leather, distressed leather, even suede!

Then there is color mixing! Of course Souffle is a great mixer with other Souffle colors (TIP: I like to mix Cinnamon into EVERYTHING to ochre the color and make it a little more earthy).

Then of course we can mix Souffle with almost any other clay. My favorite is to mix with the Premo Metallics (especially 18k and Copper). The Souffle sort of spreads the mica and adds a soft glow to the newly mixed color. My favorite mix color is Cinnamon (ochre EVERYTHING), but my favorite "Wild Cards" are Pistachio, Guava and Robins Egg. Look at these beautiful colors that are mixed with Premo Accents Copper, Souffle Pistachio, Guava and Cornflower! Cornflower is becoming a favorite of mine, it's sooo obedient in a color mix!

Sooo, guess what I did for you? I mixed every single Souffle color with Cinnamon, 18K and Copper! Well, except Canary - that color I only mixed with Cinnamon to show you the ochres. LOOK at that beautiful brown Poppy Seed 3:1 with Cinnamon made! That's 84 colors here...

Want a closer look?

Well, but you can't cane with this crazy clay - it's too soft, it's too weird, it's too...PERFECT to cane with! It cuts so clean and sharp it's like putting your glasses on (FINALLY). And did you stack layers? You can peel the extra clay layers apart after trimming your piece you want (before reducing the cane silly!) Not only will it peel apart, but there will be almost no color transfer. So if Souffle will do THAT, how does the cane not come apart? It's like Souffle can read your mind....

This was a project I did for a beginners class. Everyone made great canes and we used the Sculpey cutters to cut the shapes.

I'm a surface treatment fan, so naturally I had to see if you could silkscreen to this clay and how about transfer? YESSSSSSS.....

The first transfer I did to Souffle was so perfect and sharp that I could see the pixels in the transfer on the clay. The first two images in this gallery are actually silkscreened with Liquid Sculpey. The bottom bracelet is a transfer with pastels added. The bracelet on top of that is Souffle Cinnamon and Premo Accents Copper with pastels added before transfer. You can see the pixels on that one too!

Can you sand it? (Yes, but why would you? It gets a soft burnish with wear) Can you glaze it (yes! I love to use Clear LS and a heat gun to glaze to a gloss finish. The two bracelets above are Clear LS cured to a matte for the white bracelet and a semi gloss for the top bracelet. The gelli printed and transferred bracelets below are also cured to a gloss.

Well what about stamping and texturing - is the clay too soft to stamp and hold texture? NOPE in fact Souffle loves texture!

Well, what about micas and foils and such? The matte look of Souffle is a perfect counter balance to the shiny toys we all love. Even nail foils like the top right photo! I like the foils on Souffle! That bottom crazy pendant is copper foil on Souffle Bluestone and then I stamped through the foil.

One of my most favorite things about Souffle is the scrap. It just seems to hold colors so well before they go to mud that I can spend all afternoon with just scrap! These are all scrap projects below. That blue ring and the bottom heart have nail foils on the Souffle scrap.

I just had an interesting chat in my local Tandy Leather with two leather worker guys who wanted to know how I got the colors and stripes on the top "leather" bracelet and the finish on the brown bracelet. When I told them that these were NOT leather, but actually Souffle polymer clay - well, they were baffled. "That's not grey suede?" NOPE, "That's not waxed leather?" NOPE . That top bracelet is SCRAP stripes that I put a thin layer of Gold LS on and let it do it's Layer Set thing and then the next day I added a transfer over the set (dry to touch) LS with Clear LS on the top. I thought those leather boys were gonna cry..

Perfect leather texture in simple pendants- except these are Souffle in the colors I mixed for the crimp bracelets above. The metal bails are bracelet clasps that I will never use because I can't fasten them on myself! LOL I love these pendants and wear one of them almost everyday now. I do love Stupid Simple!

Okay, that's it for now! Stay tuned to Sculpey and my blog ( for more of my Souffle experiments!

xoxo, syn