2-2018 Blog Post 4

Raise your hand if you fork up the extra bit of money for the more expensive facial tissue because the design on the box is nice.  Yeah, I’m totally guilty of that.  Maybe it’s just because I’m an artsy-fartsy person, but I can’t seem to bring myself to spend less and end up with a box of facial tissues I find less than aesthetically pleasing.  I’m all for fashionable AND functional…

Adding Polymer Clay to Ordinary Items

Having a box of facial tissue on my desk is a given, especially since it’s cold and flu season.  Part of my goal with the workspace beautification is to turn anything that consistently takes up space on my desk into a decorative object.  This being said, a tissue box cover is a definite must have item.  After searching through the local craft/hobby supply stores, I finally found what I was looking for on-line.  The base for my tissue box cover is a brown paper mache piece made by Darice.  Paper mache is a perfect base for clay projects.  When you use Bake ‘N Bond as a coating on the paper mache the clay bakes in place and stays on.

I really enjoyed making this piece.  The design possibilities are limitless and the size is great to work with; there’s plenty enough space to add a lot of interesting elements but not too large to be intimidating. When designing this piece I wanted to keep the same design as the dry-erase board and my drawing, but utilize different colors to allow for more variety.  For those of you who’ve been seeing my Instagram Takeover posts the, colors in the tissue box design are a result of a poll I took between two different color combo options.  Thanks again for the votes, I was really having a hard time deciding which way to go and y’all made it much easier for me.

Gretchen Amberg