So I was going around the house changing all the empty papertowel rolls (other people obviously think little elves come in the night and change these because they certainly don't bother to!).  I reflexively put the empty cores in my "studio pile" of stuff to go to the studio next trip out.  Paper towel cores are wonderful items in the clay studio.  Looking back, I've helped about 4 kids create a model of DNA for science class using a paper towel core.  I've made Christmas tree decorations and I've made these quick napkin rings that are perfect for gift-giving (and we know what's just around the corner!!!)  They are just snakes of plain clay (or leftover milliefiori canes like the middle example).

Inspire Kids With Paper Towel Clay Projects

 Wrap them gently around the paper towel core and tie into knots and bake!  Once they are baked and are warm (but not hot), just slide them off the paper towel core and right onto your beautiful napkins.