Gift giving season is just around the corner; and, if you're like me, a beautiful container makes any gift more fun to give. Polymer clay can make even the most ordinary box beautiful. Try this little one for starters and you'll want to make them for everybody on your gift list.

Jewlery Box









You will need:

A small wooden box

2 oz Sculpey Premo Black

Sculpey Bake n Bond

Gold Mica Powder

Sculpey Gloss Glaze

Rubbing alcohol

Flat back Rhinestones


Craft knife

Clay Roller

Texture Sheet

Craft brushes


1) Make flat sheets of clay. Texture and apply to box with Bake n Bond. Trim with craft knife.

2) Coat uncured clay with mica powder, Bake at 275 for 45 minutes.

3)  After cooling the box, rub off as much of the mica powder as you like with a rag moistened with alcohol.

4) Coat with Sculpey Gloss Glaze and attach rhinestones with Krazyglue.

See my free Youtube video for instructions on how to make a latch and finish the inside of the box. Enjoy!