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Introducing the 2019 Sculpey Design Squad

Syndee HoltJenny SorensenRachel HateleyAnke HumpertClaire MaunsellSherman ObersonKrithika ParthanTeresa SalgadoMo TiptonLynn YuhrAmy KoranekMaria Saracino

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial by Katie Oskin

Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial

Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial Love air plants, tiny succulents, or faux plants made from polymer clay? Here’s a quick and easy little mini planter project made from polymer clay and a few basic supplies that you can have fun with in your studio! 

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New Color Tuesday! What About White? Pt 3

Another week another small evolution on my NCT format!  But I have to say, I think that this palette is my winner for this year’s favorite palette! Granted there are no eye/mind shattering radical mix colors , but I like all these colors and these mixes- in fact, I like the entire palette! Let’s look

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Flower Caned Stem Jade Plant

Plants, Flowers, Fairies and Garden Decorations

Last week we took a good look at plants and several of their features and what our flora and fauna friends have to offer. This week we’ll look at a few fun and funky ways to dress them up and use them as decorations in our gardens, planters, and even in our homes.

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New Color Tuesday! What About White? Pt 2

My adventure with Igloo continues..  and I’ve decided to put all the palettes together so that they stay sorted correctly (THANKS ANNA!)  This is a fun palette because the starter colors look very nautical, until you add the pop of Canary and, of course, I’ve never met a green color I didn’t like!   Canary can

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Plants and Polymer Clay?

When Was the Last Time You Looked At Plants? I mean had a really long, hard, good look at plants? From the thickness of their foliage, width of their stems, hardiness of their shoots, to the wide variety of colors and textures of their blooms. For many of us in the US, we just got

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New Color Tuesday! What About White?

I realized in last month that in all the years I’ve done NCT that I’ve never featured White as a mix color.  So this month, Igloo is my featured color-and, as usual, there were some surprises along the way.  I started with a kind of nautical palette of  Souffle Sea Glass, Igloo and Lagoon, but

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Color Mixing- New Color Tuesday Archive

Mixing Colors Technique Read on to learn how to make some of our favorite clay color mixes! Dream it, create it! Maggie Maggio’s Color Mixing Map is the key to color mixing using premo! Sculpey. Simple and straight forward, the map uses three basic premo! colors: Zinc Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Fuchsia. premo! is the

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New Color Tuesday! Another Clay Crush Pt 5

Me Likey!  These are some different greens from the usual verdant grass green. That first mix of Guava and Bright Green Pearl looks like brass!  The middle mix is a lovely Lime Green mix with a hint of metallics in hit.  the 3 base colors with the addition of the Bright Green Pearl is an

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clay kids crafts

Polymer Clay Projects for Kids

Table of Contents: What Our Polymer Clay Is Made Of The Best Types of Polymer Clay for Kids Different Kinds of Kids’ Polymer Clay Projects Polymer Clay Project Ideas Kids Will Love A Few Quick Tips Where to Get Polymer Clay for Kids Kids love to play with clay. It gives them the freedom to

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New Color Tuesday! Another Clay Crush Pt 4

I won’t deny it – warm, bright colors are my Happy Place – and this weeks mixes make me very, very HAPPY. I can see myself using all three of these mixes often – I love those two golden mixes (Cinnamon/Canary 1:4 is still my favorite Maize mix though).  And I really kind of like

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New Color Tuesday! Another Clay Crush Pt 3

I know, CRAZY right?  I just triple checked my master photo to make sure that I had these laid out correctly.  I expect one or, maybe two, surprise mixes, but not ALL THREE!   And Souffle Sea Glass?  Apparently, it’s as weird as it’s Premo counterpart Peacock Pearl!  You NEVER know what the mixes will be

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New Color Tuesday! Another Clay Crush Pt 2

Now this was an interesting color palette when I teamed these cool Souffle colors with Premo! Accents Gold – I got a mid-century modern color palette in the 1:1 mixes and some of the sub palettes! (and I LOVE me some mid-century modern). First off, that 1:1 mix of Guava and Gold make a warm, rich

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Top Reasons Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay Is Great for Crafting

Are you excited to enter the world of crafting but not sure what medium you want to work with? If you’re looking for a medium that’s easy to use and lets your imagination soar, oven-bake polymer clay is the way to go. With polymer clay like Sculpey, the crafting possibilities are endless. Keep reading to

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Learning Japanese characters and words with clay

I have always wanted to learn Japanese but it is quite challenging to learn such a difficult language especially when I am living in rural England with no access to Japanese language classes or tutors. Since I am learning a 3rd language by myself, I relied on free tutorials online and even Google translate. I

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New Color Tuesday! Another Clay Crush Pt 1

Yeah, I admit it, I get obsessed with a color from time to time (okay, ALL THE TIME).  Right now it’s Souffle Guava – a regular pink in the package that somehow transforms to a warm pink when cured (although it doesn’t actually change color).  And look how nice it looks with the  18% grey background. 

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New Color Tuesday – April is a Little Jaded Pt 4

Ah now, we have some Spring/Summer colors here! I am fascinated at how boldly Souffle Canary mixes with other colors.  And I have a new color crush – Guava.  In the package it looks a little to blah pink, but it’s magic once it’s baked.  I don’t think it shifts color, but it like solidifies

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New Color Tuesday! April is a Little Jaded Pt 3

Wow, I didn’t know when I picked that title that April would actually be the “January 96th”.  My heart goes out to all those caught up in the huge storms this week!  It really makes those of us in the sunshine states feel guilty (like, why am I inside writing on my computer when I

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New Color Tuesday! April is a Little Jaded Pt 2

The week was an interesting experiment.  I took the three Souffle colors that have captured my Squirrel!-like attention lately and mixed them with Premo Accents Silver (another color that I tend to forget about). All three of the mixes are beautiful and elegant.  The Silver toned down the “hey look at me” portion of the

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

by Anke Humpert “People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and its ends, but to me it’s quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations, with each passing moment. A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors. Waxy yellows, cloud-spat blues. Murky darknesses. In

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New Color Tuesday (Night) April is a Little Jaded

April…already?   Come on!  Well, it did give me an opportunity to play a little with my newest clay crush – Souffle Jade.  Jade is a green with blue roots.  Normally, I’m a warm green girl, but I really kinda like what I can do with this trickster green.  Mix it with a yellow and it

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fixing your nails after working with clay

Nail RX after playing with clay….

Playing with clay is so fun!! But sometimes my nail polish needs a refresh after working with my favorite crafting medium.  Getting a manicure is the best feeling… When my nails look good I feel good…. I happen to be one of those people who gets their nails done almost every week.  I also happen

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mixing souffle jade clay

New Color Tuesday! It’s an Egg-citing Month Pt 4

The last NCT for March?  Well, January might have dragged on a bit, but I don’t even remember having coffee in February and now it’s the end of March? Sheeshh. I love these four colors together right out of the package – Robin Egg, Latte, Cinnamon and Jade – so earthy! If I look at

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New Color Tuesday! It’s an Egg-citing Month Pt 3

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! I’m bringing you some soft spring greens today too. Now you know that I love me some greens and these are NO exception!  The BIG surprise to me was that the Souffle Robin Egg, mixed with Latte 1:1 made a lovely soft green!  I was thinking I would get a

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