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Introducing the 2019 Sculpey Design Squad

Syndee HoltJenny SorensenRachel HateleyAnke HumpertClaire MaunsellSherman ObersonKrithika ParthanTeresa SalgadoMo TiptonLynn YuhrAmy KoranekMaria Saracino

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

10 surprising facts about polymer clay

10 Surprising Facts About Polymer Clay

Table of Contents: 1. It’s Non-Toxic 2. It Dries Faster Than Air-Dry Clay 3. It Doesn’t Shrink or Expand 4. It Doesn’t Fade 5. It Will Not Dry Out 6. It Is Durable 7. Storage Is Easy 8. Do Not Overbake 9. Easy Cleanup 10. Small Bars Go a Long Way Shop Sculpey Products Today

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sculpey for beginners

Sculpey for Beginners

Table of Contents: What Is Polymer Clay? What Types of Polymer Clay Are There? What Can I Create With Polymer Clay? What Polymer Clay Tools Do I Need? How Do I Bake Clay? Where Can I Find Clay Inspiration? Learn to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Sculpey polymer clay is fun to use and extremely versatile.

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NEW LOOK STRATA BEADS by Claire Maunsell

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to update a classic hollow bead technique that I’ve used for many years by using the delicious new bright colours in the Souffle line. I was sent some of these to try (along with some other fun stuff – thanks Polyform!) and I think they are

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New Color Tuesday – But Do They Get Along? Pt 4

I have nicknamed this month “Missing May” – WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MAY? I blinked and it’s almost gone… So before I go out to the garage, er, my Deluxe Designer Studio in my “attached She Shed” to start my June NCT I figured I better drop my last NCT for May. Pistachio is

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New Color Tuesday! But Do They Get Along? Pt 3

I decided I wanted to see how these vibrant new colors play with Souffle Igloo to create pastel. Again, I was surprised that they reacted like any other color (don’t ask my WHY I think it would be different – no idea!) And I really liked the addition of the Igloo to the original color

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New Color Tuesday! But Do They Get Along? Pt 2

This week I mixed 3 of the new Souffle colors with Souffle Canary in 1:1 mixes. Canary can usually hold it’s own in mixes, so I wasn’t too worried about losing it. I WAS super surprised with the first mix of Mandarin and Canary – I expected something practically glowing from that bright combo, but

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When I first began exploring polymer I was coming from years working with hot glass. You can imagine how excited I was to find that translucent clay existed in a few varieties in the Polyform line! I found it was a natural progression from sandblasted glass to translucent polymer clay. It’s very easy to add

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New Color Tuesday! But Do They Get Along? Pt 1

I’ve been mixing the new Souffle colors with the Premo Accents Pearls, but I thought it might be a good idea to mix them with their Souffle teammates. So this month, I’m mixing Mandarin, Grape and Raspberry with existing Souffle colors, starting with Cinnamon this week. Now it’s no secret that you can Ochre pretty

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How Did You Do? Oven Bake Clay Quiz Answers

1.       True or False – you can mix new colors using our current colors of clay?               Answer- True! Sculpey oven bake clays come in hundreds of amazing bright colors but the best part is that you can create your own unique shades by mixing them together! 2.       True or False – You use a

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New Color Tuesday- Ohh, These Colors! Pt 5

Okay, Cornflower is a Super Hero of color – Look at that range of mixed colors it produced? Blue, grey, bronze and green? Whaaaat??? I’m going to take this color SERIOUSLY!! I love the color actually- it doesn’t seem to have a black tint to it like I feel most dark blues have. Check out

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My Favorite Technique to do using Polymer Clay

By: Anke Humpert My favorite technique in polymer clay is a very simple one. I learned it from Donna Kato and I have used it ever since. It´s easy to make but very versatile. And you don’t need a lot of tools: You need at least two colors of clay, but you can use more

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New Color Tuesday – Ohhh, These Colors! Pt 4

If you had told me that Raspberry would be my current favorite color, well, I would have laughed at that nonsense. But…it is! I can’t stop using it! It can go from intense color to a beautiful subdued range of pinks. To the sub-palettes! #1 Classy transition palette from Summer to Fall right? I want

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Where to Bake Polymer Clay

Creating polymer clay sculptures is a great way to engage your child’s imagination — and yours, too! The clay starts out soft and moldable, but once you bake it, the polymers fuse and harden. Magic! If you’ve never worked with polymer clay before, you might have some questions about the process of baking it. That’s

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New Color Tuesday – Ohhh These Colors! Pt 3

I love this new member of the purple family – Souffle Grape. It’s very, well purple, but it’s not a somber color and look at those amazing mixes! And look at how strong the Grape mix is with Pearl! I’m gonna use all four of these mixes for sure! #1 What a classic combo! And

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New Color Tuesday – Ohhh These Colors! Pt 2

Multiple shades of Green? YES!!! Metallic greens? YES YES!! Souffle Shamrock is such a fun color, I immediately ran out of the little bit I was given and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s release so I can restock. This is going to be a great mix color and an outstanding color on it’s own. To the

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New Color Tuesday – Ohhh, these colors! Pt 1

Once again, I got tricked! When I first got the new Souffle Colors, my eyebrows went up – and once again, I can’t live without these colors! This month I’m mixing each of the 5 new colors with 2 Metallics and 2 Souffle colors. Let’s see what happens! This week I’m mixing the new Souffle

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New Color Tuesday – 18kPt 4

This week I mixed with what I call my neutrals. There wasn’t any really surprises here except how well the Poppy Seed influenced the 18k. That is a beautiful RICH color! Now to the sub-palettes! #1 -a classic combo #2 Ohhh, this is a different take on a classic – i like it! The smooth

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How to Make Cute Polymer Charms

This guide is for you if you are wanting to get into making cute charms out of polymer clay or have already started and consider yourself a beginner. I have been making kawaii style charms since I first picked up my first blocks of clay in 2012 and have learnt lots along the way, so

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New Color Tuesday-18k Pt 3

Now we already know that Souffle Turnip can do magical things, but check out Cherry Pie! We now have a Orange/Mango Glitter! And how about Royalty with that cool Brass tone? Guava makes the 18k warmer and richer while Turnip gives us a deep Rose Gold. The mica in these mixes is just lovely. To

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New Color Tuesday-18k Pt 2

Ahh, it’s the Souffle blues and greens week – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! (my mother was a Murphy) I’m still amazed that Pistachio, even at a 1:4 ratio, still makes itself known. And who would guess that Jade would almost bow out while Sea Glass definitely holds it own (and I love

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original sculpey clay packaging

Understanding Terracotta Clay

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to clay or you’ve been working with this medium for many years. With so many types of clay out there, it can be hard to remember exactly how they’re similar or what their unique characteristics are. Terracotta and polymer clays represent two different types. If you’re new to this

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model air dry clay packaging

The Difference Between Polymer Clay and Air Dry Clay

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting into clay crafting or you’ve been doing this unique hobby for a little bit now, you may still be learning about different tools and clays and coming up with new projects to try. There are all kinds of clay out there, and you’ll probably give most of them a try

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Sculpey® Horns

When you work with clay, you have endless possibilities in the types of pieces you can create. Your only limit in this unique craft is your imagination! When you use Sculpey® clay and our specialized tools, you can make just about anything. If you’re looking for unique new ideas for Sculpey® clay, try making clay

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mixing polymer clay brands

Mixing Brands of Clay by Rachel Hateley

I have found that with the many years I’ve been sharing my polymer clay work online I often get a lot of questions about different the techniques and processes I use, which is great because crafters are trying to learn new things and further improve their skills. Some of these questions are quite advanced and

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Sculpey Souffle Colors Mixed Bluestone, Cowboy, Cinnamon, Pumpkin

New Color Tuesday- 18k Pt 1

YES, Premo Accents 18K Gold is my current Color Crush! Especially when I mix it with Souffle – any Souffle. I love to see how the Souffle disperses the mica throughout the mixes. This month I’m going to mix with colors kind of in groups. This week it’s the natural tones (of Fall maybe?). I

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Premo Accents Colors Mixed Rose, Yellow, White glitter golds

New Color Tuesday! All that Glitters Pt 4

Well, February was over in a flash! Actually, a splash where I live – historical amounts of rain and snow here in SoCal. This week I’m mixing the Glitter Golds with Souffle Sea Glass, which is one of my favorite mix colors because I never know if it’s going to go blue or green. I

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New Color Tuesday! All That Glitters Pt 3

These are interesting! Again, you can clearly see what each of the Glitters bring to the table in terms of warm/coolness. I think the Rose GG/Turnip is my favorite! I kinda want that in nail polish.. To the sub-palettes! #1 Yes! I would totally use this sub palette – especially for jewelry, but I can

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New Color Tuesday! All That Glitters Pt 2

Ohhh, I love the greens! Jade has been an underused color in my palettes that has lately risen to the near top (which is permanently occupied by Cinnamon). I love all three of these mixes for their unique color properties – the Rose mix is rich and warm; the Yellow is warm and bright; and

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