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Introducing the 2019 Sculpey Design Squad

Syndee HoltJenny SorensenRachel HateleyAnke HumpertClaire MaunsellSherman ObersonKrithika ParthanTeresa SalgadoMo TiptonLynn YuhrAmy KoranekMaria Saracino

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

1:1 color mixes with Souffle and Premo Accents 18K Gold

New Color Tuesday! Great Guava Pt 2

Now I love me some Premo Accents 18k Gold – and it mixes so beautifully with the Souffle color palette. The gorgeous hint of sparkle from the 18k adds a soft luster to the finished mix. Wow! That IS effusive, but I DO love the mixes. I really liked how these randomish colors of Guava,

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Creating Color Stories

By Lynn Yuhr The colors of clay and the way we can manipulate those colors is probably one of the leading factors that drew us into this medium. It was for me!  The range of polymer clay colors right out of the package are wonderful. They provide a solid jumping off point for any design.

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polymer clay 1:1 color mixes with Souffle Guava

New Color Tuesday! Great Guava Pt 1

Now, if you know me, you know that I’m allergic to pink, right? I’m a redhead – my mom NEVER let me wear pink or red. But I like this Souffle Guava. It’s got such a nice warm pink – more of a cocktail pink- grownup pink? Let me show you, starting with some Souffle

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Souffle color mixing for cool Fall colors

New Color Tuesday! Almost Fall Pt 4

This week I am combining a cooler palette of Souffle colors for Fall – think more like in the cool shadows of the trees with ripe berries on the bushes. (Of course, I’m imagining all that, since palm trees and berry bushes aren’t seen together too often!) Mixing equal parts of colors can seem pretty

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Creating a faux miniature pizza with Sculpey clays

How to Get Started in Miniatures

Design by Melissa “Mo” Tipton Miniature food making relies on a set of basic sculpting skills, and handily enough, today’s project gives you a chance to practice all of them. The skills you’ll be learning, which will help you with a variety of other tiny food projects, are: Using the proper amount of translucent clay

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New Color Tuesday! Almost Fall Pt 3

This week I’m starting with a classic Fall palette of colors, featuring Souffle Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Canary and Grape (that sounded like a pie recipe until I listed the Canary, right?) The mixed set of colors are a lovely set of almost wine colors that still evoke the Fall mood. I was stunned to see that

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New Color Tuesday! Almost FAll with Souffle Pt 2

Souffle Canary is one of those colors that always surprises in mixes. OF COURSE I love the Maize color created by Souffle Cinnamon and Canary mixed 1:1 (change the ratio dropping the Cinnamon amount for a lighter version). I was surprised that the Souffle Cowboy/Canary mix makes almost a Latte color! And of course, super

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sculpey bakeable molds

Sculpey® Bakeable Molds

Do you ever get a design in mind that is just too complex to do by hand? Or maybe you’d like to create multiple identical pieces? Sculpey® can help! Silicone molds with polymer clay and Liquid Sculpey offer an easy way to create detailed designs that come out just as sturdy as your non-molded pieces.

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New Color Tuesday! Cornflower Pt 4

This is possibly my most favorite mix for the year! That BGP/Souffle Cinnamon mix is such a gorgeous deep golden color with a beautiful shimmer. And the BGP/Souffle Latte? It makes my mid-century modern brain so happy. I got a little carried away with my scraps and I’ll show you later what I made with

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It’s All About the Shapes

    by Teresa Pandora Salgado We’ve established the fact that bull’s eyes, stripes and spirals are the basis for complex caning; but being “creative types”, we’re not quite satisfied, are we? Individuality comes from shaping the components and even the finished canes into new configurations. For this cane, I made the typical components: a log

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New Color Tuesday! Cornflower Pt 3

I admit it, I have FUN mixing Souffle colors with the Premo Pearls because I NEVER know what it is going to produce. I mean Purple Pearl and Latte produced a deep gold color! WHAAAT? Latte is a color super hero like Robin Egg and Pistachio – it more than holds its own against the

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Simple Complexity – The Caning Oxymoron

In the course of daily interactions, I’m often asked the default conversational question, “What do you do?”. I’ll admit I get a cheap thrill out of replying, “I teach millefiori complex caning.” That phrase alone weeds out those who really don’t care what I do, (which is most people). When they do show interest, I

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Flesh Tone Color Mixing

On of the best features of polymer clay is your ability to create custom colors for every project and piece. Also that fact that our different clay brands can be mixed together.

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New Color Tuesday!Cornflower Pt 2

Give me greens…any kind of greens… and I’ll like them. I figured that I would get a batch of greens from this color mixing and I wasn’t disappointed. This is an interesting process – mixing the Souffle colors with the “wilder” Premo Pearls. I just love the shimmer that 2:1 (2Pearl:1Souffle) produces with ALL the

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August New Color Tuesday Cornflower Pt 1

New Color Tuesday! Souffle Cornflower Pt 1

The new Souffle color called Cornflower is an interesting color -Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it BOTH? And since I’m obsessed with mixing Souffle with Premo Accents Metallics right now, I thought I would mix with the wildest of the metallics (Purple Pearl and Bright Green Pearl) with both a cool palette and

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8 Art Supplies Every Teacher Needs

Ah, art class! It’s a universal favorite among kids and adults. First of all, it’s fun. Kids are encouraged to get messy and work with their hands. Second of all, everyone — even if they’re not the next Picasso — has hidden reserves of creativity just waiting to be tapped. In art class, beauty stays

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New Color Tuesday! The Reds and Blues Pt 5

Okay, let’s finish July with a BANG! and mix colors with one of the Premo Accents Glitter clays – White Gold Glitter. Personally, I’m a little surprised that July would have the machismo to have FIVE Tuesdays in it! It’s kind of a lazy mid-summer month – it’s not supposed to be so hard working..

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polymer clay pasta machine

Polymer Clay Pasta Machine

Whether you’re new to the world of polymer clay or have worked with this fun and addictive medium for years, there will come a time when you’ll think about using a clay pasta machine. If you’re ready to take claying to the next level with a pasta machine, you probably have some questions about how

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Finishing Polymer Clay Pieces

This is Krithika, and today I want to talk to you about the different ways I like to finish my pieces once they’re cured. I use a variety of techniques and products depending on the situation. Finishing your piece is one of the most vital parts of the construction! Read on to find out how

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New Color Tuesday! New Reds and Blues Pt 4

I figured we all needed to cool off, so let’s mix some Blues this week! I was mildly shocked that my Premo Wild Child (Peacock Pearl) didn’t dish up some surprises this week, but it did dish up some lovely deep purples and blues. My favorite is the Souffle Cornflower and Wild Child, er Peacock

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New Color Tuesday! New Reds and Blues Pt 3

Ohhh, this is one of my favorite mixes of the year so far! I love, love all those 1:2 mixes with Gold, but ESPECIALLY the Souffle Raspberry 1:2 with the Gold. It is such a happy little orange with the soft glow of the mica in it. But I also love the deeper orange of

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My Most Favorite Clay Technique Ever!

Hi! Krithika Parthan here and today I get to talk about what is probably my favorite clay technique ever. That’s a pretty bold statement! But I just adore silkscreening so much! For someone who considers herself “crafty but but not artsy”, silkscreening is the perfect way to create detailed gorgeous pieces without needing to draw

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New Color Tuesday! New Reds and Blues Pt 2

It’s no secret that I love the Premo Accents Copper color (pssst! try it with Premo Accents Grey Granite!) Wow! Did I get some interesting and unusual colors this week and I love them all! These colors are all mix with ONE part of the blue/red color and TWO parts of the Copper color. That

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New Color Tuesday! New Reds and Blues Pt 1

We have a new red and a blue in BOTH Premo and Souffle, so I thought it would be appropriate this month of red, white and blue to do some mixing with them! I started with Silver this week, since mixing with White was just too…easy. LOL These are all mixes with ONE part of

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New Color Tuesday! I’m So Mixed UP! Pt 4

I can’t get over how much I love this Raspberry color! It’s an interesting mixer color for sure! But I really love it on it’s own, especially with Igloo – such a clean, crisp combo! #1 That Shamrock 2:1 with Raspberry is an interesting green that reminds me of Premo Jungle. I love it with

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Finding your Polymer Clay Peeps

By: Sherman Oberson I’m currently attending a polymer clay retreat as I write this. It’s called Clay Back East and is being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It made me think of how being social with polymer clay has shaped my journey as an artist. When I first started out with polymer clay I

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New Color Tuesday! I’m so Mixed UP! Pt 3

Shamrock is rapidly becoming one of my top favorite colors (as opposed to JUST a favorite color). Look at those mixes! Look at that Bronze/Shamrock mix – that is a killer color! All these mixes are 1 part Shamrock to 2 parts of the mix color. #1 I love Bronze combined with a cool color

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New Color Tuesday! I’m So Mixed UP Pt 2

Cornflower is such a fascinating color to me. I never quite know what I’m going to get when I mix it – for instance, Canary and Cornflower make…GREEN? Really?? Sub-palettes! #1 I really like this combo – Canary adds the POP to the trio. I love the two mixed colors together. #2 Ohh, a classic

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New Color Tuesday!I’m So Mixed UP! Pt 1

This month I’m exploring how some of the new Souffle colors mix with BOTH the Premo metallics and the original Souffle colors. I chose to mix with 1 part of the selected color (Grape this week) to 2 parts of the mix colors (Bronze, Silver and Canary this week) – instead of my usual 1:1

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13 things you should know about working with polymer clay

13 Things You Should Know About Working With Polymer Clay

Table of Contents: 1. Don’t Buy Everything at First 2. Clean up After You’re Done 3. Make Cornstarch Your Friend 4. Preheat Your Oven 5. Invest in an Oven Thermometer 6. Skip the Sharpies 7. Be Careful With Accents and Glazes 8. Play Around With Your Clay’s Texture 9. Stock up on Ziploc Baggies 10.

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