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Introducing the 2019 Sculpey Design Squad

Syndee HoltJenny SorensenRachel HateleyAnke HumpertClaire MaunsellSherman ObersonKrithika ParthanTeresa SalgadoMo TiptonLynn YuhrAmy KoranekMaria Saracino

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

New Color Tuesday! A Spanish Olive in the Mix Pt 2

Well, Purple Pearl really came to the table to play! LOOK at those mix colors.. I love, love that warm grey, that deep ultraviolet purple and that pink mix is no shrinking violet. How did I let my Spanish Olive and Purple Pearl languish in my clay cabinet so long? #1 This is a classic

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New Color Tuesday-2019 Review Pt 4

I thought I would have some nice holiday colors today, since it’s Christmas Eve and the third eve of Hanukkah and we just celebrated the Winter Solstice a couple of days ago! This palette is from this September, when we were all just starting to get into the Fall Feeling! And it’s allllll my favorite,

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New Color Tuesday – 2019 Review Pt 3

I bet you can see why I included this mix from June. Yes, I love that deep bronze color that the Bronze/Shamrock combo created. I kind of shocked me when I saw it start blending to that color in the pasta machine. But I was also surprised that Cornflower and Shamrock darn near replicates Souffle

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Six Top Tools for Polymer Clay

Whether you have just started working with clay or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll need some tools. Tools can smooth out your edges for a clean look, add lines of texture for a fun visual element, give your project a beautiful finish and more! Tools make the work easy and your final result professional. With

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Mica Powder vs. Glitter

If your clay project needs a little bit of shine and sparkle, glitter or mica powder will do the trick. However, though they may look the same, there is a difference between mica powder and glitter. These materials will work differently on polymer clay, so clayers need to know which sparkly material is best for their

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Adding Curves to Polymer Clay Pieces

For some of your polymer clay projects, you may want to give the piece a curve. The curve may serve a practical purpose, like when making a bracelet. Curves also add a nice aesthetic touch, such as making a leaf look realistic. Baking curves into polymer clay is easy to do and will transform your

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Baking Polymer Clay in Cornstarch or Baking Soda

You’ve got your polymer clay creation finally perfected. You smoothed out the edges and got that swirl to sit just right. It’s finally time for the oven. You know that if you place it on a pan, you’ll have a smooth, shiny spot where it was resting, and you’re also worried that it will roll

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Creating Armature That Supports Your Sculpts

In my last blog I gave you a method for creating a simple body armature for an art Doll. Today I want to talk about the armature that supports your sculpt. Let’s start with the obvious. Aluminum foil is without a doubt, indispensable as an armature for any polymer clay artist. It has an expansion

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New Color Tuesday 2019 Roundup Pt 2

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PALLET FOR 2019! That #1 mix has been mixed and remixed at least twice and used to create necklaces, bracelets. I love these colors. You really can’t see in the photos but there is a soft sheen in all the mix colors from the Copper. when you mix a Souffle color

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Creating Doll Armatures

Happy December! I’m proud to be a Design Squad member and your December blogger. I’m a figurative doll artist and this month I’m going to share a few of my tips and techniques for creating body armatures. Proportion and body armature are important in creating a balanced and realistic figure. There are several methods depending

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Understanding Liquid Clay: Clear vs. Translucent

If you’re wondering what the difference is between clear and translucent polymer clay, you’re not alone. First, let’s talk about the meaning of liquid clay.  Liquid polymer clay is what it sounds like: polymer clay in liquid form. Liquid clay is a slightly sticky, medium-density liquid that does not require softening. While liquid polymer clay bakes

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Using Silicone Molds With Polymer Clay

Are you wondering how to use silicone molds with polymer clay to get a good casting? Read on for tips and tricks for making polymer clay designs with silicone molds for a fun, easy and mess-free project. How to Use Silicone Molds With Polymer Clay Due to their ease of use and flexibility, silicone molds

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New Color Tuesday! My Favorite Things Pt 1

I love doing December NCT because I get to look back through the year and pick my favorites. This year, I get to pick FIVE! I’m not posting these in any particular order by date or preference (although you will certainly know which one is my favorite!). I picked this palette because I love, love

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Seven Common Polymer Clay Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. After all, they’re how we learn. But when it comes to working with polymer clay, some mistakes are best avoided. Here are some tips and tricks for how to avoid some of the most common clay mistakes.  Using the wrong glue: One common mistake clayers make is using superglue on

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Avoiding Fingerprints in Your Polymer Clay

If you’ve ever been working in your polymer clay studio and realize you’ve gotten fingerprints on your finished clay, you’re not alone. Fingerprints on polymer clay is a common mistake crafters often overlook. The good news is, it can easily be avoided and fixed!  How to Keep Fingerprints off Your Polymer Clay  Getting fingerprints on

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Overlooked Polymer Clay Tips

Polymer clay is a versatile medium used for anything from jewelry and home decor items to fun crafts and figurines. Whether you’re a professional artist or polymer clay newbie, having a few tricks up your sleeve will make the creative process easier and more enjoyable.  Top Nine Tips for Working With Polymer Clay Once you

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New Color Tuesday-Concrete Crazy Pt 4

The last NCT Mix for the year this week. (Next month I get to pick my 4 favorites from the year!) This weeks mix helped me solve a little clay riddle – I love Shamrock and Sea Glass together, but what other colors can I use in the mix? #1 Yay! Look at how well

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How to Be Productive in Your Polymer Clay Studio

One of the skills every artist strives to master — and one that takes some practice — is the art of productivity. While the term “productivity” can mean different things to different people, we can all agree that it’s important. Being an artist is a rewarding and sometimes challenging job that takes willpower, inspiration and

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How to Soften Polymer Clay

A common question from clayers and crafters is what to do about polymer clay that’s become too hard. Can clay become too firm to the point where it’s unusable? The answer is yes and no. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to soften polymer clay that has become too hard.  Sometimes, you can

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How to Stiffen Polymer Clay

When the weather gets warmer, your polymer clay may soften and even become sticky. Warm hands and hot work areas can also cause clay to become too soft. As a crafter, you know how important it is to work with firm polymer clay. When clay is stiff enough, you’re better able to get crisp, fine

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How to Condition Polymer Clay

Before using polymer clay for crafts, structures, figurines or jewelry, it’s essential to learn how to condition it. Always condition your polymer clay straight from the package to ensure maximum softness and flexibility. You can either knead polymer clay in your hands or run it through a pasta machine for the desired effect.  What Is

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New Color Tuesday November Mix Pt 3 with Concrete

New Color Tuesday! Concrete Crazy Pt 3

I’m highlighting mixing with Souffle Concrete this month. I’ll admit it, Concrete was a forgotten color in my clay cabinet – but what a great subtle mixer it is! I thought that mixing with some seasonal colors this week would be appropriate and they are all gorgeous! That ENTIRE palette looks wonderful together! I love

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November New Color Tuesday pt 2

New Color Tuesday – Souffle Concrete Pt 1

That’s right, I get subtle this month – no in-your-face color mixes for once! Hey, I’ve got to play grownup once in a while! It’s no secret that I’m really into greys now with my Antique Red hair. Premo Slate, Premo Accents Graphite and Souffle Concrete are figuring quite prominently in my clays on the

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Polymer Clay Basics 101 – Work Surfaces and Baking Tips

I’ve been working with polymer clay for over thirty years now. I’ve learned a few things in these first 30 years and I’d like to share some information with you about work surfaces and baking tips.             I have a beautiful studio in our home that has everything I need. But I realize that having

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New Collor Tuesday mix featuring Souffle Guava and Raspberry

New Color Tuesday! Great Guava Part 5 Fall Color Mixes for Oranges

I thought it would be appropriate to create the “bonus” 5th NCT post for October with some orange mixes for Halloween and The Season. I correctly figured that if I teamed Souffle Raspberry with some yellow type colors, I would get some oranges. I was OBSESSED with Souffle Raspberry when it came out and I’m

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Souffle Guava and Pistachio mixes

New Color Tuesday! Great Guava Mixes with Pistachio Pt 4

Yeah, I am LOVING this month’s NCT mixes! I know I’m going to get amazing (often shocking) mixes when I mix with Souffle Pistachio, but little did I know it could stand so strong with the bolder colors in the Souffle palette. And OF COURSE, check the amazing golden color Pistachio and Guava create! To

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Jewelry created with veneered canes made with Sculpey polymer clay

Claying with Veneers by Lynn Yuhr

Veneers are a staple in polymer clay creations.  I use veneers ALL the time. It is basically a decorative sheet of clay. It could be a sheet with a surface treatment (for example, silk screened or alcohol inks), a pattern of cane slices pieced together or a mokume gane slice. But it can also be

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October New Color Tuesday Pt 3

New Color Tuesday-Great Guava Pt 3

Premo Accents Copper (one of my favs) is mixed 1:1 with 3 of my favorite Souffle clay colors to create one of my most favorite color palettes EVER! In face, I’ve created 4 necklaces and a bracelet already with this palette and I want to make more. The 3 1:1 mixes invoke a kind of

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