I know it's the New Year and we are all ready to move on to new things, but on New Year's Day, when I took my Christmas tree down, I went reminiscing through my collection of polymer clay ornaments. Shortly after moving to this small rural community in 2000, I was commissioned by the local Jr. Woman's Club to create an ornament that could be used for fund raising. The first ornament was released in 2001 and I've been making them ever since. Because I save one ornament each year for each of my children, we now have quite a collection. I'd like to share the designs here with you.


Clay Holiday Ornaments


These snowmen are the first edition appearing in 2001.

I love to work with designs using millifiore cane slices from my collection to decorate each ornament uniquely.

As you can see, no two are exaclty alike.


For 2002, I used the inspiration of a heart shaped cookie cutter turned upside down to make Christmas trees. I used a texture stamp in the background for the tree's greenery.
A wreath with all kinds of goodies was featured for 2003.
I used white ink on a rubber stamp pad to create patterns on the ribbons.
For 2004, I used another cookie cutter for the snowman shape.
Then using permanent inks and a snowflake texture sheet, I covered the bodies with snowflakes.
The whole thing was covered with a thin smear of glitter and then decorated with all the trimmings.
Santa's big jelly roll beard was the highlight for this 2005 ornament.
I rosed up his cheeks with pink chalk to give him that "just fresh from the North Pole" look.


In 2006 I was inspired by the idea of putting six snowmen together snowflake fashion.

It seemed like an easy idea, but man, was that a lot of balls to roll!

125 ornaments times six snowmen times three balls each = 2550 balls!



Gingerbread men have always been one of my favorite images for the holiday season. I have a specially designed mold made from Mold Maker to duplicate the bodies over and over. I used a ripple blade for the frosting designs of my 2007 ornament.



2008 featured some lowly creatures in a barn. Beads were inserted for lights on the greenery.