Oct2Ok, sorry for the bad pun in the title, but I couldn't help it! I'm excited this week, this is like TWO uncharted territories for me - Premo! Accents Copper and Premo! Orange.  I don't mix a lot with orange, other than maybe a little yellow or white.  I love the mixes with Copper, they are subtle (which is a rarity for me) but rich.  Especially that first mix and the last mix.  I love them.  The 4C/1O is an excellent substitute for a brown for a lighter richer color, don't you think?


But WAIT, there is more.  I always wanted to mix an Orange Pearl...so I did!  Now remember the "do I mix white or ecru" question?  Now we have a "do I mix Copper or Pearl" question?  And here is the answer for you! Head to Head.  I think Copper wins!  Do you?Oct 2a

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