I tend to keep bits and pieces of everything.  If a T-pin is too long, I keep the scrap I trim off, bits of clay (of course!), the stray earring wire, the odd bead or two, I keep them.

Today, when I was finishing up another project, I got lazy and made the final round cuts without cleaning out the cutter.  When I pushed the clay out on clean up, I went, "Hey! That's adorable!".  Now, stacking clay in a cutter is NOT new, but I decided that since this was technically "recycled" clay, I would try to build the entire necklace out of my various recycled stashes.  The result is not perfect, but it's adorable and I like adorable. (Ok, the fact that is is, once again, bright colors doesn't hurt either!)

I used the round cutter from the Sculpey Mini Cutter set, and the medium Etch and Pearl tool to make the caps on each end of the stacked clay.  The recycled bits of wire from my various Tpins was used and the clasp is made from a stray ear wire (I turned the end up into a small loop).  I found some bits of chain leftover from another project in my bag o' chain (You have that bag too, right?)

I think that this will probably become one of my favorite weekend pieces.

OH! One more thing - the large ball stylus from the Sculpey Style and Details Tool set is the perfect fit for the circle cutter to help push the stacked clay out of the cutter without too much distortion (which gets covered by the little endcap clay anyway..).