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Today I's like to share with you another summertime design. These earrings use my faux mosaic tile technique and are created with a small plastic stencil and soft pastel chalks. I've always been a blue jeans kinda' girl because they match everything, right?

The basic technique involves pressing a lightly water spritzed stencil (small tile design by The Crafter's Workshop) to create raised texture on white clay. When the clay has dried completely, rub navy blue pastel chalks on the clay surface randomly. Some areas have a light amount of chalk and some heavy which provides so many beautiful monochromatic hues. The stencil 'bridges' become the white grout automatically as you only tint the raised 'tiles'. When the design sheet was finished I cut out two sizes of clay circles making 2 each, applied a thin layer of Translucent Liquid Sculpey to the metal bezels and carefully secured the shapes into the bezels. I accented each of the designs by pressing flatback Swarovski sapphire color rhinestones into the raw tinted clay. Bake, cool, attach the two bezels together with jump rings and glue flat pad post earrings to the backside of the smaller circles with two part epoxy glue. The bezel shown is an alternative to the two-piece settings.