I just spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the "Sunshine State" and took advantage of my location to do some serious shopping for sea shells.  I shopped for small items I can use as inclusions in my work but as I browsed the store I was drawn to some of the larger shells with interesting textures.  I wanted to share what I was able to make for texture sheets out of a couple of items I purchased.

I used cornstarch as the release for both of the textures.  I used a large fluffy paint brush and dusted the surface of the clay with the corn starch.  For the scalloped edge shell I simply pressed the clay into the shell until I filled all of the little grooves, gently peeled the clay off of the shell, and then laid it flat on my baking tile.  For the fan coral I used my acrylic roller to roll the coral down into the sheet of clay and then gently lifted the coral up.I hope you enjoy.  I'll write again and share some photos off pieces I make using these textures.


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