AZ2aFirst of all, they have the BEST venue EVER!  It's a rustic camp, but the amenities!  If you didn't want to hike the 1/2 mile to the chow hall, they sent a bus.  And every evening, a tray of fresh cookies magically appeared!

AZ6All the artists attending get a FULL TABLE to themselves!  Ahhh, room to spread out..

AZ8I was asked to demo the Sculpey Silk Screens and my one hour demo lasted 7 hours!  These AZ artists really like to explore a technique that intrigues them.  My gosh, the stuff they did was amazing! The clay and paint combinations were so creative.

The group projects that they did were also pretty cool.  One of them was to create a plain bangle bracelet, fill out a form about what you envision for it and then pass it to 3 other artists on your team.  Each person got 1/3 of the bracelet to decorate.  This is my favorite one:

bracelet all

AZ4aThere was a terrific thunderstorm on Saturday and this parched SoCal girl totally enjoyed it! This was taken from the porch of my cabin.  We worked right through the storm and the camp delivered our hot lunch to us so that we didn't have to navigate (alide) down to the Chow Hall.

doll victoriaKat did a demo on how she makes her Warrior Women dolls and I was cracking up that it was Project Polymer Runway - fitting and draping that clay cloth!  She called me out and gave me a doll body and I actually MADE A DOLL!  Mine was kindergarten art compared to the other dolls they made.  The incomparable Victoria's was made with bits and pieces of pinecones and stuff she found outside! Look at that polymer clay robe - the textures and the colors!  Ohhhhhhhh And these are just a FEW of the fantastic dolls that were made!

doll1 dollkat










And if that weren't enough, Jennifer, their fabulous swap/demo coordinator created another swap of these "scrap clay" beads.  This is just one half of the swap!  Here is a closer look at Jodie's completed beads before they were incinerated in the oven!

AZ5swapI also like how they handle their Goodie Bags.  Every attendee brings either 3 big items or 30 small items for the goodie bag/raffle. They had so many larger items that they gave everyone a raffle ticket and everyone won something!

I can't wait until next year!  I made so many great new friends and so enjoyed the drive over, the green desert and the camp!


Okay, more of the wonderful dolls:
doll2 doll jennifer










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