The Hollow Bead Maker might just be the best thing since sliced bread and those of you who were previously using lightbulbs as a form for hollow beads probably agree.  Having a better tool has prompted me to do more work with hollow beads than I’d done in the past.  As I continue to play around with making hollow beads I’ve found that one of my favorite things is to create “shadow boxes”.  I enjoy doing small detail work that will end up as pendants but I’ve always been concerned about how to position the various elements so that clothing and hair won’t get snagged on the piece.  Creating these “shadow boxes” has not only offered me a solution to reduce the possibility of snags but also focuses the attention of the viewer onto the detailed portion of the piece.

The polymer clay guild I belong to had its annual retreat during the last weekend of October.  Since we were so close to Halloween we decided to make the theme of this year’s challenge Halloween.  As I sat staring at the clay and tools I brought with me I thought it would be fun to create a piece where something with creepy tentacles was crawling out of the bead, and so my little hatchling came to be.  Keeping the potential for snags in mind I just had to make sure that anything on the outside surface was well connected so there were no little gaps or lifted ends of tentacles.

So far the possibilities seem pretty endless so I’ll keep playing around to see what else I can come up with.



Skull Bead (1)