Sculpey Pumpkin stems - New sew fabric pumpkins

Create stems for your no sew decorative pumpkins with Sculpey Polymer Clay.  These pumpkins are pretty quick and easy to make.  You do not even have to sew.    If you know how you could, but with my special tip you will not have to sew.

Polymer Clay pumkin stem  DIY fall home decor

This is a front view of the stems.

Material list for No Sew Pumpkins:

Instructions for No Sew Pumpkins:

rubberband tip

  1. Gather your fabric and mound some batting in the center of the fabric circle, with the right side of the fabric facing down.
  2. Temporarily tie a string around the top and leave a loose opening.
  3.  Stuff the pumpkin with the fiberfill until it is plump. Adjust your pumpkin plump and make it take shape.
  4. Wrap a rubber band around the top
  5. Cut 3 lengths of jute twine that are a twice as long as the fabric. Wrap the twine pieces around the pumpkin, spacing them as much as possible.  Secure tightly with a rubber band.
  6. Tie each of the twine pieces until you have achieved the look of pumpkin sections and then tie them off.
  7. Trim off the excess.

top of pumpkin before stem glued on

To make the polymer clay stem:

  1. Condition the clay until nice and soft.
  2. Roll the clay into a tube.  Flatten one end of the tube to form the base
  3.  Use a sharp tip to create distressed lines.
  4. Bake according to directions on package.

pumpkin stem from sculpey polymer clay

Once the stem is baked and dried coat it with several colors of paint and wipe off while wet.  This will leave the paint in the grooves.

sculpey stem with paint - weathered patina

Apply a large dollop of  hot glue and apply to the top center of the pumpkin.  Leave strands of  jute as tendrils.

Hot glue Sculpey Polymer clay pumpkin stem

Now you have your awesome no sew pumpkins.

large sculpey polymer clay no sew fabric pumpkin