I am happy to have found a new venue to teach my classes...at fiber shops! You just have to create the right project accessories for them. My latest pieces have included Shawl Pins (felted/knitted/crocheted) aka Scarf or Collar Pins. I will be teaching these at Makers Mercantile, a new, spacious, very cool fiber shop outside of Seattle, WA (in Kent). My one session class is on Thurs. evening, April 11th which will also include basics and finishing tricks. Info at  http://www.makersmercantile.com/collections/classes/products/polymer-clay-shawl-pins 
if you are in the area!

It took some time, but I finally figured out a mechanism to hold the bulk of the fiber and the stick in place. I really didn't want to have to punch holes in my clay for the stick, I wanted to hide the "works". I have used a newer clay technique I learned from Lynda Moseley. I love her approach to the color blending. Color possibilities is what drew me to polymer clay over 20 years ago when I self published a color mixing tri-fold chart with basic polymer clay instructions on the back, which sold in Michael's and miniatures shops mainly. I now sell them on my website at http://www.shirleyrufener.com/products.html
I have scoured the web for other fiber related clay accessories and found stitch markers, scissor fobs, covered crochet hooks and knitting needle end accents. I've also come across knit needle and scissor point protectors, tiny needle bottles with clay lids and of course...buttons!