This month I'm exploring how some of the new Souffle colors mix with BOTH the Premo metallics and the original Souffle colors. I chose to mix with 1 part of the selected color (Grape this week) to 2 parts of the mix colors (Bronze, Silver and Canary this week) - instead of my usual 1:1 mixes. Already I've had a BIG surprise when I mixed Souffle Canary and Grape and I got this wonderful soft maize color that I adore! Yes, I know it can also be called a non-metallic gold. So what about the sub-palettes?

#1 Mixed metals are so in right now and this palette fits that trend. I even like that matte of the Souffle Canary/Grape Goldish color with the mica sheens of the Bronze and Silver. If you are mixing metals, why not mix surfaces as well?

#2 Premo Accents Bronze has a cool warmth to it that fits perfectly with the Premo Accents Silver and Souffle Grape. It adds a subtle warmth to the palette.

#3 This is my FAV palette - I love how the two other colors bring out a warmth in the Souffle Grape. And Grape is so unexpected in this palette where many artists would put black with the other two colors. The Grape adds a pop to the palette.

Next week Cornflower is up to bat in the mix palettes!

xoxo, syn