Give me greens...any kind of greens... and I'll like them. I figured that I would get a batch of greens from this color mixing and I wasn't disappointed. This is an interesting process - mixing the Souffle colors with the "wilder" Premo Pearls. I just love the shimmer that 2:1 (2Pearl:1Souffle) produces with ALL the Pearls and Souffle. The subtle shimmer from the BGP is amazing in real life!

I'm really surprised that I like the Igloo/BGP so much. Of course the Robins Egg came through. I've mentioned it before, but Robins Egg is a very deceptive color. It's like Superman in his suit and glasses - kind of normal. But mix it with ANY color and it's color super-strength appears. I'm pretty sure that my bedroom is kind of a mix of all these greens.

To the sub-palettes:

#1 I don't often like straight-up white in a palette, but I think it works in this one!

#2 I really like this palette - the green mix adds a touch of warmth to the cooler blue tones.

#3 Is there such a thing as a cool green? This is an interesting cool palette that would make a great bracelet. (But then again, I think EVERYTHING makes a cool bracelet)

xoxo, syn