JUL NCT 2017-4First of all, these two colors look really nice together don't they?  Sunset Pearl is usually a pretty strong color, but the Copper seems to temper it a little. I also love every one of these mixes. They would be gorgeous with a deep Turquoise, or how about premo! Sunshine? Wisteria? Peacock Pearl? ohhh, JUNGLE..  I think I like that the best- what an interesting combo.  I may have to look into it..

I've also included a mix that wasn't really going to expand too much, but the colors will still quite nice.  Copper with premo! Orange - both of which mix a warmer coppery tone.

Peach, Pearl and Copper Clay Looks

Next month, I'm mixing Peacock Pearl mixes, starting with Peacock Pearl and Copper.  I'm going to be on the road for several weeks in August, JUL NCT 2017-4bpresenting at the IPCA Synergy 4 conference and manning the Sculpey booth there, then moving onto the Denver and Ft. Collins area.  So bear with me if the NCT posts pop up at irregular times!

Our  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

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xoxo, syndee