oct 3When I was in Spain, I could have lived on ham, bread and olives.  In fact, I think I tried to! Big olives, tiny olives, most of them green olives.  This  Premo! Spanish Olive  color makes me crave olives!  So I wanted to see what would happen when I mixed it with Premo! Accents Copper. Of course, mixing a green and a copper should yield some cool colors, but those last two are like high-end designer colors.  They just look expensive. Want to see them up closer? See how you can see the individual sparkles of the Copper mica in the 1C/2SO?  That is so cool looking. And that 4C/1SO is just so rich looking!oct 3 pt 2


Next week, I will have the final Copper mix and for the first time, all four mixes for the month together!

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