I don't know about you, but I seem to often be puzzling whether to add White (Igloo in Souffle-speak) or Off-White (Ecru in Premo-land, Sandcastle in Souffle-speak) to create my lighter intensity of a color. Generally, I feel that adding the White tone will create a more pastel effect, while adding the Off-White tone will create a softer, lighter version of the original color?  Do you agree?  I see you nodding your heads, so let's move on with this experiment...

I present to you our color of the month, Lagoon, mixed with Igloo:

sept 2Nothing terribly earth-shattering here, but I am digging that 2:1 Lagoon mix and I really like the 1:8 mix for a simple background color.  So let's see last weeks Sandcastle mix next to the Igloo mix to see how the two colors differ when mixed with the same color...is it me or is the Sandcastle making itself known in the mixes more than the Igloo?
sep 2a
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