I realized in last month that in all the years I've done NCT that I've never featured White as a mix color.  So this month, Igloo is my featured color-and, as usual, there were some surprises along the way.  I started with a kind of nautical palette of  Souffle Sea Glass, Igloo and Lagoon, but I threw in Premo Accents Copper for the mixing agent.  I totally love that Sea Glass/Copper 1:1 mix because it looks like verdigris.  I'm gonna have to figure a way to use those together!  My favorite though is the Igloo/Copper 1:1.  It's a rich, warm tan that is so pretty in real life when you can see the mica in it as well.  It would be an interesting way to introduce a neutral color with a little bit of a shimmer.

Let's look at the sub-palettes:



#1 - Mixed metals is so IN right now and this palette is mixed metals but with the same bones behind it (Copper). What a great palette for a picture frame or coasters.  I also would love a bracelet in this palette (hmmm, put that at the top of the To Do List syn!)

#2- A cooler version of the #1 palette with the Lagoon added in.  I see earrings in these colors!

#3- This is bright and beachy but elegant at the same time.  Definitely a necklace with a white blouse!  Or big earrings worn as the statement with no other jewelry.

My mix color archive has moved!  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/color-mixing-new-color-tuesday-archive/

Have a wonderful week!

xoxo, syn