Ok, I know it's New Color Tuesday on a Wednesday.  Out of country travel and surprise non-connectivity is a recipe to make syndee VERY VERY cranky!

Anyway, I'm home (for 2 days) and here we go with the last mix of June.  Souffle Bluestone is one of my favorite Souffle colors because it so stands on its own.  In a way, its kind of an in-your-face color because it takes a back seat to NO other color.  It also refuses to lose itself in a mixing situation - its like it says to me, "I'm here, deal with it, cause I'm not going to take a back seat to any color you mix with me."  YES, I have conversations with my clay...and my tools.  Is it me or could those three 1:1 mixes be combined to make a very cool looking woodgrain?

#1 : Bluestone, Igloo and Poppy Seed is one of my most favorite combinations - especially for Mokume Gane.  It is such a clean combo of colors - classy and casual at the same time.

#2: Another classic combo - perfect for dress up or dress down jewelry.  Great pops of color for living spaces as well!

#3: I am loving that Igloo/Premo Accents Gold 1:1 combo! A very rich, warm cream color with hints of sparkle from the mica.

We have a new location for our color mixing archive and I’ll be updating it ASAP!  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/color-mixing-new-color-tuesday-archive/

xoxo, syn