Another week another small evolution on my NCT format!  But I have to say, I think that this palette is my winner for this year's favorite palette! Granted there are no eye/mind shattering radical mix colors , but I like all these colors and these mixes- in fact, I like the entire palette!

Let's look at the original colors along the top row.  Igloo, Bluestone and Cinnamon - made for each other.  Then add that pop of Canary and those calm earth tones become modern.  I can definately get behind the mix colors with the Cinnamon as well.  Again, add that pop of Igloo in that palette and it becomes clean and fresh.

Let's look at the sub-palettes:

#1 MY FAVORITE palette!  I love, love that yellow ochre color that Canary and Cinnamon mix too. (Mixing a little Cinnamon into just about any color will create an ochre version of that color - start about 1 part Cinnamon to 4 parts the color).

#2 These almost look like contour colors for facial makeup!  I like how the two flesh type colors tone down the yellow ochre.  Those two colors with the Igloo would be really nice as well!

#3 Well, I don't think you can go wrong with Bluestone in any color palette. (Yes, you can, but I won't admit it - I love Bluestone!)  It creates a very surprising and soft color palette with the Cinnamon/Igloo 1:1 and Igloo.  It's cool and refreshing- perfect for summer!  Replace the Cinnamon/Igloo mix with the Cinnamon/Canary mix and you have another dynamite combo!

We have a new location for our color mixing archive and I'll be updating it ASAP!

xoxo, syn