My adventure with Igloo continues..  and I've decided to put all the palettes together so that they stay sorted correctly (THANKS ANNA!)  This is a fun palette because the starter colors look very nautical, until you add the pop of Canary and, of course, I've never met a green color I didn't like!   Canary can really hold it's own in color mixing, but Jade just about bested it.  I like this green because it's not cool and it's not really warm- it's sort of a warm cool color? The Sea Glass/Canary mix is like a light mossy color while the Igloo/Canary mix reminds me of Lemon Sorbet (UMMMmmmm).

So let's look at the sub-palettes!

#1 I think is really an elegant, cool palette - perfect for a sunroom with tall palms and tall drinks.  A barrette in this palette would be gorgeous on almost any hair color.

#2 is my kind of palette - lots of green with a pop of ocean in the Sea Glass.  I think I've seen all these colors in our waves. These are great colors for redheads (and Antique Redheads like me!).  Wonderful colors for earrings or bracelets.

#3 is bright, brash - my kind of palette!  These are a great palette for earrings as well or a barrette?

xoxo, syn